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Hi Roland,
I don’t know what to say.  The showpiece you created isn’t a showpiece, it’s a showstopper!  We couldn’t be happier.  From the personalized service to the final delivery and finished piece of art you have far exceeded our expectations.  Thank you!  I’m sure glad I found you!  Please count me in as a reference if I can be of any help and you have my permission to use our piece as you see fit.   All the best,
Tony F.


Hi Roland,
I've been out of town the last few days, got back last night and opened the picture.  It is outstanding!  It is exactly what I hoped it would be and am truly happy with your work and the way it turned out.  It brings the whole hunt together and captures it all in one. I have a friend who I just gave your info to and he's going to be contacting you.  Thanks again!
Darren G.

Roland.....I love it!  Awesome art piece!  Will be sending you out some more projects in the near future. Thanks again brother!

Edward K.




Bro !!!!! The look on my wife and daughters face was absolutely amazing when they saw the picture you did for us!!!!
Astounding!!!!!!!! Thank you so much.
Trent T.




"I recently wrapped up an absolutely fantastic Mountain Goat hunt in Alaska.  Going through the pictures I knew there was one - one very special picture that I just had to get printed.  I contacted Roland at TrophyShotPrints and uploaded the pic.  I wanted to get a large Ready-to-Display Metal Print Showpiece to hang on the wall in my office.

Now all that isn't exactly special...

What is special is the 'level of attention and responsiveness that TrophyShotPrints gave me.  In less than a day I not only had proofs but I also had several different proofs with different "enhancements" - color adjustments, sharpening, etc.  He even went so far as to remove a backpack and the second goat in the background and cleaned up the fur on the goat.  That picture truly became "mine" - just me, the goat and the hunt.

I already knew what the picture would look like before it ever arrived.  It arrived fast - under a week - and hangs boldly in my office reminding me of one of the greatest hunts and experiences of my life. Thanks for all the good work, Roland!"

Robert N.


Roland....I just opened my boxes and what a surprise. Thank you. The pictures are great! 
They capture the moment and allow me to relive the experience over and over.
Much better than an album. Can't wait to get the call when my father opens his.
Timely, professional and personal. Great job. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope to share a fire and swap stories someday.

Rob B. 




" Roland did a wonderful job of combining my Cape Buffalo hunt pictures into a true work of art. My request to him was " Astound me !" . He did that and the result hangs proudly in my trophy room. 

Larry R.


I had a 10 year old Canon point and shoot camera with me on this trip. If you want to treat yourself sometime, have Roland LaPierre at Trophy Shot Prints touch up one of your pictures and print it on metal.
It's worth every penny.

Pete H.           




Roland just did three pictures for me from my July 2015 safari: a warthog, a blue wildebeest, and a gemsbok.
He does fabulous work for a very reasonable price.

Bud M.




Roland did a great job on a picture of a lion I took. The lion had lots of blood and dirt from where we tried to clean it, he was able to remove it and produce a beautiful print which I will admire for the rest of my life.




Roland---My order came in and I'm very happy on how it came out.
Awesome Work!!
Can't wait to see my full body mount and your great work next to it. 
Thank You Very Much!!!
Dexter P.

I received Roland's metal print just today of my 2006 Leopard and all I could say was WOW!!

He did an absolutely beautiful job and it is STUNNING to see!

He reproduced the 11x17 metal print from a pretty poor quality photo that was taken at night with was the best one I had.

I don't know how he did it but he definitely enhanced the colors and somehow made the Leopard "pop" out of the photo.

Anyone looking to have a print made by Roland will be totally surprised!

I highly recommend Trophy Shot Prints for a stunningly beautiful print at a fair price with quick service!

Frank C.




I just wanted to say I received our prints from Roland
from our recent trip to RSA and they are outstanding!!!  
I would highly recommend his services to anybody.

John C.



HOLY SMOKES !!!!!!!!!!   You Roland, have done an amazing job, especially it doesn't compare to my regular photos at home.  I cannot thank you enough...
I've gotten many compliments on the Ready-to-Display Metal Showpieces of my zebra and kudu at the office.
God Bless,
Johnny G.


Just got 'em.  Man you done good!
The wife and I are very happy with the prints you did for us!
You do great work Ro!
Many thanks,
Jim C.
Dear Roland,
My picture has arrived. It is absolutely awesome.
Thank you so much, it is a beautiful piece of work!
Jytte M.
The metal print of my lion from Zim is outstanding!
Mike J.


Grace and peace to you and yours. Dad was thrilled with the print, and he was equally excited when we pulled up your website and saw his picture there! Again, thanks so much for your work and the spirit with which you do it!!!  Blessings,
Kyle W.




I just returned from Montana and opened the picture. I'm very pleased with your work. I hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks!!!






My picture is awesome.... Love it !!....Can't think what it would look like if pic had been bigger, thanks for all the work! I'll be looking forward to do another in metal!!!

Richard R.



Roland, your work is FANTASTIC!! You took my poor photo and made it POP!!
Look forward to having more of your excellent work soon.

John F.



The print came of my lion and it's SUPER NICE!!!

Ryan D.




We just arrived at our CO home today and your professional work was there waiting for me. WOW!!! Great job man, I love it. Even better, we are here to host our daughter's wedding this FRI. That means that I will have a bunch of family and friends visiting and they will all get to view it since I have already hung it.
Thanks brother!
Richard B.




I highly recommend Trophy Shot Prints for a stunningly beautiful print at a fair price with quick service! After our father/son trip to New Zealand, I wanted to do something for my son to commemorate the event. A quick e-mail to Roland at and an even quicker reply from him had me ordering (2) Metal Prints of Mason and his trophies. They were more impressive than expected.

Russ M.



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